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Hiware Pecan Nut Cracker and 2 Picks, Walnut Plier Opener Tool with Non-slip Handle


  • STRONGER MATERIAL: Enameled die casting aluminum – Stronger than wooden handle, durable, wear resistant and will not break even used vigorously.
  • SKILLFUL DESIGN: The groove pattern on the cracker helps to quickly expand the cracks and easily break the hard shell, which not only avoids squeezing and destroying the nuts, but also can quickly and easily remove the coat. Meanwhile, the anti-slip lines on the handle also help you not get injured due to slippage during use.
  • DIFFERENT CRACKERS FOR DIFFERENT DIAMETERS: The heavy-duty spring loaded nutcracker has round crushing parts of two diameters, the large cone is suitable for bigger nuts, such as walnuts, macadamias, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, etc. And the small crushing part on the handle is more suitable for small nuts, such as pecans, almonds, etc.
  • EASY GRIP AND EASY USE: The operation is very simple and the broken shells will not fly everywhere. It is very easy to collect broken shells and debris. The picks help to pick out the nuts from the coat easily. NOTICE: IF NUTS ARE TOO SMALL TO FIT THE CRACKER-BOWL, YOU COULD CRACK IT AS IMAGE 5.
  • PRACTICAL & GOOD AS A GIFT: It is essential for you who love to eat nuts, and it is also a good choice as a gift and an exceptional value, suitable for various occasions.

Heavy Duty Nut Cracker Nutcracker Pecan Cracker Walnut Cracker Nut Sheller Nut Pliers Opener Tools Wood Base & Handle


  • Heavy Duty Nut Cracker Nutcracker Pecan Cracker Walnut Cracker Nut Sheller Nut Pliers Opener Tools Wood Base & Handle
  • 100% Brand new and high quality Nut Cracker,all steel machined construction with attractive wooden base and handle grip.
  • Save money by buying bulk nuts and shelling them yourself,prepares nut meats as you need them.Speed up what formerly was a slow,tiresom chore.
  • Unique design cracks soft shell nuts faster,better and easier.Crack pecans,English walnuts,almonds,filberts and Brazil nuts.
  • Material:Wood,steel Nut Cracker,Size:Approx.21cm*6cm*7cm(L*W*T),Instructions:screw handle tight into threaded lever arm,adjust threaded cone for different lengths nuts.

Nutcracker Heavy Duty Nut cracker Pecan Cracker Walnut Cracker Plier Opener Tool for All Nuts,Black Walnut,Macadamia Nuts, Hazelnut,Almonds,Pecan


  • Premium Material: The nutcracker features the high quality metal, not easy to rust. And the nutcracker features the thick wooden storage basket, which is durable, strong, smooth and polished.
  • Adjustable Design: Walnut cracker plier jaw position can be adjusted for nuts of different sizes and nuts with a maximum diameter of 45mm(approx.).
  • Multiple Purposes: Nutcracker Nut Tongs easily cracked nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, polish nuts, etc.
  • Fine Design: Pecan nut cracker opener tool features the PP ball design at the end of the operating rod, and the grip is comfortable to use, jagged jaws do not slip, which can easily break the nut.
  • Easy to Use: Put the nuts into the U-shaped groove, turn the handle after the nut card main, and hear the click, then remove the whole flesh.

Looking for good after-sale service to buy cracker pecan walnut plier products

What is an after-sale service?  After-sale services are offered by companies that sell goods as part of their business. Services include installation, calibration, and maintenance on any product they have sold to customers. 

The cost of an after-sales service warranty is something you should always consider when buying a new product. Without it, your purchase could be rendered useless. It’s important to know which parts are covered under the warranty and what kind of protection they provide. For example, some warranties cover only defects in manufacture or materials while others also include accidental damage caused by natural disasters like floods or fires. The price you pay for the coverage will vary depending on how much coverage you’re looking for, but it’ll be worth it if disaster strikes!

Comparing cracker pecan walnut plier products will help you make an informed decision about which product to buy.

The best thing you can do for yourself before buying a cracker pecan walnut plier product or service is research what services are offered after the sale and how much it costs. Some companies offer free repairs, but others charge for them.

Anwenk Nutcracker Chestnut Clip Peeler Nut cracker Pecan Walnut Plier Opener 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools with 3 Picks


  • 【With sharp cross serrated blade】 Easy cracking chestnut, pecan, hazelnuts, almonds, walnut, Brazil nuts. NOTE: DO NOT WORK FOR HARD BLACK WALNUT, MACADAMIA and similar HARD shell nuts.
  • 【Easy and safe to Use】With two 2” disks, you can hold the nuts easier. With a Little hook on the edge of the disk and the smooth handle, you can crack the chestnuts without injuring your hands.
  • 【Premium stainless steel】Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, the nutcracker will not deform and corrode after a long time of use. The food-grade materials will be safer for you and your family.
  • 【Stylish and modern design】Ergonomic design and perfect shape, the best choice for Christmas gifts.
  • 【Perfect size and gifts】Plier disk diameter: 2″; Handle Length:(approx.) 4.2″. Package includes 1x Chestnut Clip, 2x long picks, 1x scoop-shaped pick.

We hope you will find this article useful! So what are you waiting for? Take action and start putting these cracker pecan walnut plier products to use. One of the reasons we recommend these cracker pecan walnut plier products is because they are made by companies with a proven track record.

Other companies may make similar cracker pecan walnut plier products, but they often don’t live up to the standards of quality that these companies hold themselves to.

That’s why we only recommend companies that do more than just slap their brand name on their cracker pecan walnut plier products—they work closely with their manufacturers to find the best materials and designs to make their cracker pecan walnut plier products stand out.


Mechanical Heavy Duty Nut Cracker, Pecan Cracker Walnut Cracker Plier Opener Tool, Desktop Wood Base & Handle


  • Unique design nutcracker cracks soft shell nuts faster, better and easier. Crack pecans, walnuts, almonds, filberts and Brazil nuts with this nutcracker.
  • Lever Nut Cracker- Lever design for easy cracking nuts. Simply just push down the wood handle to crack nuts. It makes cracking nuts simple and more fun!
  • Heavy Duty Nutcracker for cracking nuts,pecan,hazelnuts, almonds, walnut, Brazil nuts and more. However, it DOES NOT work for black walnut,macadamia and other similar hard shell nuts.
  • Steady base made of solid wood, as thick as a chopping board .Save money by buying bulk nuts and shelling them yourself,prepares nut meats as you need them.Speed up what formerly was a slow,tiresom chore.
  • We guarantees all buyers 100% satisfaction, once you find any problem of the product please feel free to contact us, we will solve it as soon as we can

Multifunctional Nut Almond Nutcracker – Metal Sheller Walnut Hazelnut Plier, Splash Proof Design Pecan Chestnut Clip Nut Cracker


  • Superior Quality: Nutcracker made of smooth zinc aluminum alloy, tough and durable, without deformation. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect Design: Lever design, easy to use and labor-saving. Thickened and deepened groove design to prevent nuts from splashing.
  • Easy to Use: Strong spring to fix opening state of the nutcracker, comfortable and practical, do not hurt you hand when shelling the nuts. No matter kid or old people operate it easily.
  • Multi Function: In the family kitchen, family gathering, outdoor picnic can quickly and easily open various sizes of almonds, walnuts, pistachios brazil nuts.
  • Buy with Confidence: We are very confident that you will like our products, and we provide a lifetime guarantee for all customers. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products, please let us know and we will refund you in full

Benver 12 Pieces Nut Cracker Set Nutcracker and Pick Stainless Steel Opener Walnut Pecan Tool Seafood Crackers Lobster Crab Pliers for Hazelnut Almond Oysters


  • Package contents: you will receive 1 set of 4 pieces of nutcrackers and 8 pieces of picks, with a total of 12 pieces, they are enough for your needs of cracking nuts as well as replacing
  • Versatile application: the nutcracker and pick set is not only suitable for opening many kinds of nuts such as pecan, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts, but also can be applied for eating seafood like crab and lobster, which is very suitable for home use and restaurant
  • Serviceable material: both nut opener and picks are made of stainless steel, which makes them solid and stable, not easy to break and rust, they are washable and can serve you for a long period
  • Considerate design: the handle of stainless steel seafood and nut cracker and pick are non-slip, which can increase friction so that they are easy to hold and can prevent the nuts from slipping out; In addition, the nut cracker adopts lever principle, saving your effort and time
  • Nice combination: equipped with sufficient quantity of nut picks, you can eat nuts and seafood more convenient, just use the nut opener to open the nuts or seafood, and then apply the stainless steel pick to pick out the food

We do our best to explore and understand cracker pecan walnut plier’ information. Here, we search for the most popular cracker pecan walnut plier out there and give reviews on them.

We also have a section that tells you how to buy these items online. We have been in business for a long time and we’ve learned a lot about what customers want. Our aim is to get you the best cracker pecan walnut plier on the market at competitive prices.

We have an independent research team to research cracker pecan walnut plier. The cracker pecan walnut plier we recommend have positive reviews in the market.

EGETOTA Nutcracker Heavy Duty Pecan Walnut Cracker Plier Opener Tool for Easy Cracking Nuts Hazelnuts Almonds Chestnut Desktop Wood Base with Handle & 2 Picks & 1 Cleaning Brush


  • Heavy duty nut cracker can easily crack almost all kinds of nuts including pecan, walnut, hazelnuts, almonds, English walnut, etc. note: may not work for black walnuts and macadamia. The adjustable thread cone fits the length of the nut, while the grooves trap the nut and prevent it from flying away.
  • Unique design cracks soft shell nuts faster,better and easier.
  • Precision-processed biscuits are more durable and wear-resistant. They are made of nickel alloy steel. The metal appearance is combined with the wooden base. Modern technology is used. The strong handle will not bend due to strong force, so it can be used safely. The included 2 forks can help you take out the nuts stuck in the shell. After you use them, another cleaning brush can clean the nut shells.
  • Fits All Sizes of Nuts- With adjustable threaded cone for different Length of nuts even large size nuts.
  • This is a very recommended product. Not only is it a tool used daily by the family, it can also be given to family and friends as a Christmas or Thanksgiving gift.

Nutcracker – Heavy Duty Nutcracker Pecan Nut Cracker Walnut Plier Opener Tool With Handle Peeling Machine


  • Easy to Use: Put the nuts into the U-shaped groove, turn the handle after the nut card main, and hear the click, then remove the whole flesh.
  • Design: Features the PP ball design at the end of the operating rod, and the grip is comfortable to use, non slip
  • Multiple Purposes: The nutcracker is easy to crack nuts, macadamia, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, paran nuts etc.
  • Adjustable Design:The jaw position can be adjusted for nuts of different sizes and nuts with a maximum diameter of 45mm(approx.).
  • Material: Made of durable metal material, not easy to rust and the thick wooden storage basket, which is strong, smooth and polished.

The quality of the cracker pecan walnut plier product is very good. We have done a lot of surveys that people like to buy. They are most concerned about the quality of the cracker pecan walnut plier product.

After all, they paid for the cracker pecan walnut plier product and hope it will last longer. A good cracker pecan walnut plier product can bring a better experience to customers.

The quality of this cracker pecan walnut plier product is good, and customers are willing to buy it. When choosing a cracker pecan walnut plier product, people are most concerned about the quality of the cracker pecan walnut plier product, after all, they want the cracker pecan walnut plier product to last longer after spending money on it.

Good quality cracker pecan walnut plier products can provide a better experience for customers. The first key is that the cracker pecan walnut plier product must maintain good quality, and consumers who pay for their own money should buy some cracker pecan walnut plier products whose quality can be guaranteed.


Nurch Nut Cracker Tool, Handheld Walnut Clip, Household Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Pecan Nutcracker Plier Tool, Multifunctional Nut Shell Breaker with Splash-Proof Design for Most of Nuts Metal


  • 【Splash-Proof Design】Compared with the traditional nutcracker, this nut cracking tools adopts a new deep groove splash-proof design, which prevents the nut shell from splashing and keeps it tidy during use. It is safe to use and does not hurt your hands. It is an essential tool for you to peel nuts.
  • 【Double Groove Size Design】The walnut cracker with large and small double groove size design, suitable for most nuts, easy to crack pecan, almonds, walnut, Brazil nuts, Macadamia etc.It is easy to carry and suitable for various occasions, including home kitchen, family party, outdoor picnic etc.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Our nut crackers and picks with leveraged design, easy to use and labor-saving. The nut cracker has smooth surface, comfortable and practical, do not hurt you hand when shelling the nuts. It is an essential tool for you who love nuts. It is also a perfect gift for nut lovers.
  • 【Food Grade Stainless Steel】Made of premium 304 stainless steel, the walnut opener is safe, tough and durable to use, without deformation and rust after using for a long time.
  • 【Our Customer Care Promise】Feel free to contact us if there is any problem on the nutcracker for pecans and we will provide you with quality seller service to solve your worries.Buy with confidence now!

The pros of buying this cracker pecan walnut plier product!

We all know that buying a cracker pecan walnut plier product can be tricky. You don’t want to spend too much, but you also want the best quality for your money.

You might be wondering what are the advantages of buying cracker pecan walnut plier products. We’re going to tell you about some of the pros of these cracker pecan walnut plier products and why they are worth every penny!

There are many great reasons to choose cracker pecan walnut plier products here.

For instance, it is a better deal than the competition and it has more features for your money. The price tag may be higher or lower than you’re used to, but if you take into account all of the benefits that come with owning one, then you’ll know that it’s worth every penny!

Nut Crackers for All Nuts Walnut Cracker for Pecans Hazelnut Walnuts Plier Opener Kitchen Tool Heavy Duty Non-slip Handle


  • High Quality Material:This durable nut cracker is made of heavy duty Pearl nickel,make sure the nut cracker will not bend, rust or break due to usage.
  • Ergonomic Design:Mirror polished,non-slip handle—Comfortable to hold.Sturdy serrations—Sturdy serrations can firmly grip the nuts,making them less likely to slip.
  • Sturdy and Durable:High-quality materials make it not easily deformed.Rivet design—Rotation is more flexible and not easy to damage.Two serrated clip holes—Can be adjusted according to the size of nuts.
  • Multifunction:Practical kitchen tools—can crush nuts, walnuts,pecans,macadamia nuts, Make you enjoy food more comfortably.
  • Great Gift: The stylish nut cracker is great for restaurants and home use,it’s an ideal housewarming or holiday gift.It is safe and convenient, and saves time and effort.

Nutcracker Chestnut Clip Stainless Steel Chestnut Cracker Pecan Walnut Plier Opener for all nuts (2 pack)


  • ★Food grade Stainless Steel – Made of premium stainless steel, the chestnut opener is safe, tough and durable to use, without deformation and corrosion after using for a long time.
  • ★Ergonomic design – The chestnut has smooth surface, non-slip handle, comfortable and practical, do not hurt you hand when shelling the nuts.
  • ★Easy operation – With leveraged design, it is easy to use and labor-saving, making your life become convenient.
  • ★Multiple serrated, hard nuts can also easily peel off the inside of the pulp, combined with the extension of the handle, to open more effort.
  • ★【SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】Should you be unhappy with our product, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for free exchange or your money back.

Find the most functional cracker pecan walnut plier products from this blog post

To find the top-rated cracker pecan walnut plier products, it’s important to have a list of criteria. In this case, our recommended cracker pecan walnut plier products are sorted by their score in five different categories: Value (rating), Performance(rating), Durability, And comfort (ratings). 

Are you looking for a new cracker pecan walnut plier product that will keep your customers coming back? Our helpful staff is here to help. We have compiled this list of our selected cracker pecan walnut plier products, which we think are perfect as gifts or just something fun!

I wanted to make sure you were aware of all the great functions our chosen cracker pecan walnut plier product has. I can’t wait for you to see how many different ways it can be used!

We are all about cracker pecan walnut plier products that have functions. But, not just any function will do. It has to be the right one for you! So here are some of our favorites, and how they can help you out with your day-to-day life. 

Nut crackers Tool for All Nuts, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pecan Walnut Plier Opener Tool for Black Walnut, Macadamia Nuts, Hazelnut, Almonds,Pecan,Walnuts


  • 1.Stainless Steel Sturdy Nutcracker : Handmade nut cracker is heavy duty and super strong that design for cracking open all nuts like pecan, walnut, almond and works great on hard shell nuts like Black Walnut, Hazelnut,California Nut Macadamia Nuts and more!
  • 2.Cracking Nuts Easily and Keep The Full shape:Stainless Steel solid cracking system that it’s easily to open the shell at once while maintaining the full shape of the nuts.
  • 3.For All Sizes of Nuts – 3.5” long cracking handle to easy control the cracking force, crush the nuts with its metal tip delicately without damaging their core. 1.5” Max cracking size fits for most sizes of nuts.
  • 4.Innovative and Thoughtful Design- Triangle design, fits easily in your hand,so that able to holds the nut shells so that they will not fly everywhere.
  • 5.The Better Guarantee: If you experience an issue with our product, get in touch with us for a repair or replacement. We’re grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we’ll make it better.

Nut Crackers Pecan Nutcracker Walnuts Plier with Non-slip Handles Heavy Duty Crab Cracker Tool with Good Grip 2 Picks Included


  • [Nutcracker Set] You’ll receive 1 spring loaded nut cracker, 1 stainless steel seafood cracker and 2 picks. This set meets your needs for cracking walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and all nuts. It is also a convenient tool for opening hard shell seafood, such as lobster, crabs, oysters etc.,[NOT FITS FOR BLACK WALNUTS]
  • [Spring Loaded Nutcracker] With ergonomic spring loaded design, you can control the force easily and save much strengh when cracking nuts. What’s more, the cup shape helps to hold the shells inside, prevent them from flying everywhere.
  • [Stainless Steel Nut & Seafood Cracker] Made of high quality stainless steel, this nutcracker is well-constructed, super solid and durable for your long term usge. Two serrated parts of the cracker are specially designed for different sizes and shapes of seafood and nuts. The slender crab legs can be processed in the smaller serrated part, the larger claws or nuts can be cracked on the larger jagged part. Just enjoy your seafood and nuts elegantly.
  • [2 Picks For More Convenience] 2 stainless steel picks are included. They can reach the inside of shells to help you pick out the nut cores or crab meat easily. They’re slim and lightweight for convenient daily use and storage.
  • [Great Gift Choice] This cracker set is not only a nut and seafood tool applied daily by the family, but also a good helper for nut shops, bakeries, restaurants, candy shops, etc.It is so helpful and convenient that it can be an adorable gift for your friends, nut or seafood lovers on Christmas day and many other occasions.

Function of cracker pecan walnut plier products

When you are looking for a new product, you want to make sure that it has all of the features that you need. You don’t want to spend your money on something that doesn’t meet your needs. That’s why it’s important to know what the function of a product is before you buy it.

If you can find out what the product is supposed to do, then you will be able to tell if it meets your needs or not. When you are looking for a new product, whether it be for personal use or for your business, one of the most important things to consider is its function.


NYKK Pecan Walnut Plier Multifunctional Nut Cracker Sheller Walnut Pliers Walnut Nut Cracker Crushing Machine Nuts Durable Metal Material Nutcracker (Color : A) Wine Red


  • It is easy to break nuts and hard ingredients and is very convenient to use.
  • Big Handmade Nuts Walnut Crushing Machine Features Our product is made of 3mm thick sheet.
  • The crushing chamber average 300 – 400g Nuts and Walnut.
  • Adjustment mechanism nuts and walnut cracking allows the size you want.
  • Quick cover through the crushing process when shells splashing, nuts and can the obstacle.

Nut Crackers Chestnut Opener Seafood Sheller Heavy Zinc Alloy Nutcracker Pecan Walnut Plier Clip Tool with Good Grips Kitchen Utensils


  • ntegrated molding, strengthening thickened zinc alloy materials,super strong reinforcement, not easy to deformation.
  • Non-slip plastic handle design, ergonomic, comfortable grip and thick handle, not hurt the palm of your hand.
  • Using lever structure and sawtooth design,can effectively bite the nut to prevent falling off and easily crack the shell of various kinds of nuts.
  • Flexible rivet design, durable and flexible rotation, no need to worry about the size of the nut.
  • According to the principle of human mechanics and humanized arc skin design,convenient to fix different nuts, want to eat effortless!

Nut Cracker, Walnut Clamp, Pecan Pliers Opener Stainless Aluminum alloy Kitchen Tools, Splash Proof Design Pecan Chestnut Clamp Nutcracker


  • High Quality -Our walnut crackers are made of high-quality Aluminum alloy, which makes them durable, corrosion-resistant, and oxidation-resistant.
  • Upgrade Nonslip & Safe Design -The design of the nutcracker walnuts is cute and practical, with a non-slip handle that won’t hurt your hands.
  • Easy to Use -The Nutcracker for walnuts is a time-saving and energy-efficient way to open walnuts.
  • Multifunctional Nutcracker -This walnut cracker nut opener can break various nuts, like pecans, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds.
  • Suitable for Most Nuts – Our walnut cracker can be used on most nuts, making it an ideal choice for enjoying nutty food.

The best and the most important functions of cracker pecan walnut plier products

How to find the cracker pecan walnut plier product with the best functions, I am fairly certain that this can be done by using a combination of questions.

The first question is, what are your needs? What do you want for yourself or someone in your life and why does it matter so much to them if answered correctly ?

The second step would involve finding out who exactly will use said item as well as where their body begins when touching parts; most people don’t know because we’re all individuals.

To find the best product for your needs, you need only look at its functions.

By considering what features are important and how they can improve upon an existing cracker pecan walnut plier item or provide new options that will meet the current needs of consumers in different ways; we see fit to make our recommendations within this article as well!

The most important cracker pecan walnut plier product function is how it makes you feel. You want to be happy and not frustrated every time you use your device. If the product doesn’t make you feel good, then what’s the point?

Aulpon 4 pcs Pliers Scissor Nut Crackers and Picks Multifunctional Shell Scattering Prevention Kitchen Plier Opener Tool Set with Ergonomic Handle for Walnuts Pecans Almonds Brazil Nuts Hazelnuts


  • 【Multifunctional Nutcracker】_Easy cracking nuts, pecan, walnuts, hazelnut, almonds and brazil nuts, etc
  • 【Spring Loaded Design】_The spring loaded design makes cracking nuts easy without using much strength ,great for kids and the elderly
  • 【Shell Scatter Prevent Design】_It is common that the broken shell will boom everywhere when using usual cracker to crack a walnut. But this nut cracker by Aulpon is with Cup shape design and will avoid this problem, which will keep house clean and no need to worry about the sharp shell we can’t see.
  • 【DESIGNS】_The three holes are designed with non-slip serrated, and the nuts are not easily dropped to more effectively peel off the nut shell, fit fingers, easy to use, practical melon seeds opener.
  • 【Best Service To Customer】_ If you have any issue please contact us via amazon first time, We will do our best to solve your problem. We provide return and refund within 365 days of receiving your order if you have any not satisfied

Benver 6 Pieces Nut Crackers Set, Include Wood Handle Pecan Nut Cracker, Adjustable Desktop Nut Crackers Non-Slip Nut Plier Opener, 4 Pieces Stainless Steel Nut Picks for Pecan Walnut Hazelnut Almond


  • Package content: each nut crackers set contains 1 piece non-slip handle pecan nut cracker tool, 1 piece adjustable nut crackers plier opener, and 4 pieces stainless steel nut picks, the combination can meet your daily use
  • Exquisite design: the structure of these nut cracking tools is reasonable and stable, and can be effective and labor-saving, the exquisite design is helpful to save your effort and time, the wood handle cracker won’t chill your hand in winter
  • Material information: the non-slip handle pecan nut cracker tool, adjustable nut crackers are made of wood and metal, the nut picks are made of stainless steel, quality wood handles with much friction, which can be held on tightly for cracking
  • Adjustable size: the desktop plier opener has a rotatable screw head, which can be adjusted to the right position according to the size of your nuts, there are grooves on both sides to hold the round nuts, the handheld walnut plier is funnel-shaped and can accommodate different sizes nuts
  • Wide ranges of applications: the nut crackers set is suitable for cracking different sizes nuts, such as pecan, hazelnuts, almonds, walnut, brazil nuts, etc., helping you enjoy the fun of cracking nuts with your family, and the stainless steel nut picks can help you eat seafood, such as crab, lobster, etc.

Fdit Heavy Duty Nut Cracker Pecan Nutcracker Walnut Plier Opener Tool, Walnut Wood Base & Handle


  • Heavy duty walnut cracker: Easy cracking nuts, pecan,hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts brazil nuts and etc.
  • The nutcracker knives focuses on ergonomics handle which easy and comfortable grip. Protect well with your hands.
  • Heavy duty nut cracker withstands wear and tear, stronger than wooden handle. Sturdy and Durable
  • The nutcracker is Lightweight, it’s convenient to carry out when you travel or camping.You can carry it with you any time you want.
  • Fashion hardwood base with solid built steel construction.easy to place on desktop and ensures stable operation.

We help you buy the premium cracker pecan walnut plier product and enjoy the best after-sale service

If you’re looking for the best customer service and after-sale support. We are here for you. We want to make sure that when you purchase cracker pecan walnut plier products, you will be satisfied with your experience. 

When you buy a cracker pecan walnut plier product, it’s the after-sale service that will make or break your experience. You want to know that if something goes wrong with the product, someone is there to help you out and fix it for good. There are many companies that offer this type of support. 

With tips and tricks on how to find a company with great customer service, as well as what you should expect from them, we hope that this article will help you navigate your way through the world of after-sale services!

Nut Crackers Heavy Duty Shell Nutcracker Walnut Plier with Non-Slip Handle,Seafood Cracker Nuts Opener Tool for Hazelnuts/Pecans/ Peanuts/Pistachio


  • ❤️ Heavy Duty and Durable – Shell Cracker Seafood Cracker is Made of premium zinc alloy, high hardness, and corrosion resistant, not easy to rust and long time using.The Nut Cracker use Sawtooth design,It can firmly clamp the goods not easy to fall off, can be better stressed, easily crumbled hard shell food.
  • ❤️ Design:Stylish and ergonomic design, great for restaurants, picnic and home use.
  • ❤️ Durable and practical: Core sucker design is very flexible, It can expand 180 degrees arbitrarily, Easy to carry, easy to clean.
  • ❤️ Effortless to Open Walnut – Double clamping design, with two different size tongs, big and small nut can be crushed at the same time,the whole design cater to lever principle, it can effortlessly clamp two different shape walnuts simultaneously.
  • ❤️ Multipurpose – Perfect for walnuts, pecans, almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, etc. Good for Seafood, e.g. Lobster, Shell Fish, Oysters, Crab Shells and Nuts

Check cracker pecan walnut plier product advantages and disadvantages

In the age of information, it’s easier than ever to find out about a cracker pecan walnut plier product before you buy. But for many, this is not enough. It can be hard to know what makes one product better than another. That’s why we always recommend checking out the advantages and disadvantages of each product before making a purchase decision.

When you buy something, the first thing you should do is check for cracker pecan walnut plier product advantages. If there are any hidden drawbacks or disadvantages with the product that might not be apparent at first glance, these can affect how much use and enjoyment from the purchase will occur over time.

When you are purchasing a cracker pecan walnut plier product, however, many people don’t take time to do this; they simply go for whichever offers them the best deal. The problem with this is that there may be cheaper products out there that have more benefits than those being purchased.

So, you should check the cracker pecan walnut plier product advantages firstly when you purchase. There are many reputable and trustworthy websites that provide reviews on products like this one.

WAFJAMF Nut Crackers Heavy Duty Walnut Cracker Plier Opener,Seafood Tool,Non-slip Handle


  • Durable: the walnut clip made of reinforced aluminum alloy is not easy to rust and deform.
  • Sawtooth Design: it can hold goods more firmly, so that it will not fall off, easy to break all kinds of nuts, pine nuts and other hard shell food.
  • Plastic Handle: ergonomic handle design, safer and labor-saving.
  • Size Sawtooth: different sizes of sawtooth can crush food at the same time, suitable for different sizes of walnuts, nuts.
  • PLEASE NOTE–We do efforts to supply high-quality products and provide considerate customer services, if you have any more problem, please contact us freely.

Artcome Heavy Duty Pecan Nut Cracker Tool with 1 Flannel Bag & 4 Picks, Wood Handle Base


  • Easy cracking nuts: Includes pecan, hazelnuts, almonds, walnut, brazil nuts, etc. Note: may not work for hard black walnut, macadamia and similar hard shell nuts
  • Adjusted Size: The card position can be adjusted for different sized nuts, after cracking the walnut skin, the walnut can appear completed, avoiding unnecessary waste
  • Strong Construction: Mounted on beautiful hardwood base,heavy and strong. Nickel plated all steel construction,durable and withstands wear and tear
  • Lever Nut Cracker: Lever design for easy cracking nuts. Simply just push down the wood handle to crack nuts
  • If you’re not completely satisfied simply let us know and we will offer a prompt refund or replacement, no questions asked

Kirkland Signature Praline Pecans 2.5lb (Family Bundle)


    Nut Cracker, Walnut Cracker Pliers, Heavy Duty Nutcracker Clip, Spring Loaded Nut Cracker Tool, Zinc Alloy Material, Metallic, 7 in x 2 in x 1 in


    • Multi Purpose- Does wonders on walnuts, chestnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia nut, filbert
    • Non Rust- Heavy duty, non rust, non bend high quality polished zinc alloy clip
    • Ease of Use- Effort less cracking of variety of small to large sized nuts, suitable for 1.5 to 4 cm diameter nuts, hidden spring, makes a nice press and release
    • Non Slip- Safer to use, rubber grip makes it non slip, cracks only the shell not the nut flesh, no flying nut shells causing mess
    • Elegant Design- Nicely designed ergonomic grip, no fear of fingers getting injured, a nice gift choice for friends and the elderly

    Nut Cracker, Nutcracker, Seafood Tools, Walnut Cracker for All Nuts, Heavy Duty Shell Cracker with 2 PCS Forks/Picks, Lobster Crab Crackers with Non-slip Handle 


    • 【PREMIUM】Our nut cracker is made of high quality zinc alloy, safe and non-toxic, strong and durable, not easy to deformation.We compared many factories that produce these nutcrackers and finally chose this one from our brand because our lobster crab crackers are made finer and more reliable than others.
    • 【SERRATED DESIGN】Our seafood tools are available in three serrated designs: large cut, medium cut and small cut. It can easily crush walnuts, pecans, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, crabs, lobsters and other delicacies of different sizes.
    • 【HUMANIZED DESIGN】Our pecans opener for all nuts are designed with a green non-slip handle, which not only looks beautiful but also comfortable to use.
    • 【PACKAGE】Our walnut cracker is made up of a lobster sheller and two forks, picks allow you to maximize the enjoyment of your treats!
    • 【OUR PROMISE】We provide perfect customer service, if you have any questions about our products, please let us know and we will provide you with the best solution and service until you are 100% satisfied!

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