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Comet Busters Beautiful Hot Pink and Light Pink Round Bindi


  • Product made from PVC Sheet
  • Skin friendly
  • Reusable
  • Beautifully Designed Bindi Collection 100% Handmade

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Comet Busters Hot Pink Light Green Round Bindi


  • Beautifully Designed Bindi Collection 100% Handmade
  • Product made from PVC Sheet
  • Skin Friendly
  • Reusable
  • Mulitcolored stones, Very high quality adhesive

Comet Busters Traditional Small Round Hot Pink Light Pink Bindi


  • Comet Busters Bindis : We have designed our bindis tapping into centuries of tradition and with attention to detail. Our online bindi store has a beautiful collection of Single, Black color, Maroon Color and multi color body bindis and comprises a range of masterfully created minimalist bindi designs. All bindi designs are handcrafted with care and attempt to embody the elegance and grace of a woman.
  • Skin Friendly and Reusable : Each unique design is intricately handcrafted to perfection. We make our exquisite collection of bindis using high-quality material as per set quality standards.Our bindis are 100% handmade, not tested on animals, perfect for skin, safe, non toxic and are reusable.
  • Apply Instruction : To apply a bindi carefully remove it from the plastic and place on your forehead in between the eyebrows. Hold the bindi down for a few seconds or until you feel that your bindi holds firmly in place.The bindi can be reused and worn multiple times or until it loses its ‘stickiness’. You also can use eyelash glue to enhance the stickiness for avoiding fall off.
  • Comet Busters Bindi Quality : We try to ensure utmost care while designing our bindis, each bindi is handcrafted with precision to give that premium finish, ensuring to draw immediate attention.
  • Comet Busters Bindi Styling : We have a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Our bindi includes beadwork, studded stones, pearls and diamonds. Comet Busters Bindis are great to wear for night out, proms, parties, weddings, festivals or any other special occasions. Add these beautiful designed bindis to your cart and experience the rich culture.

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Five Star PBW Liquid (32 oz)


  • EASY TO USE: Mixes into solution even at lower water temperatures
  • POWERFUL FORMULA: Removes tough stains and soils with less scrubbing
  • WORKS FAST: Quickly mixes into solution
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Great for use with canning lines and keg cleaners
  • SIMPLE DOSING:  1-2 oz. per gallon of water

Lemon Fresh with Bleach Cleaner, 21oz Pack of 2


  • This all-purpose cleanser cleans and deodorizes porcelain, stainless steel, fiberglass, Corian, solid surfaces, natural marble, and ceramic tile.
  • Scratch-free formula for the toughest cleaning problems around your house with 50% more cleaning power!
  • Eliminates soap scum, mildew stains, and germs.
  • It puts the glisten back into stainless steel and cleans tough crusty food stains.
  • Penetrates layers of dirt for a real, deep clean.

Case of Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer and Milkstone Remover (4 x 4 Lb. Jars)


  • Stera Sheen Green Label Sanitizer and Cleaner – A Multi-functional food grade cleaner: cleans ice cream machines, batch freeezers, cappuccino machines, iced tea dispensers, smoothie blenders and more. Safe for all food contact surfaces
  • Your order will contain selected pack quantity of 4 lb jars. Easy to follow instructions are provided on the packaging. Stera Sheen Green Label Sanitizer and Cleaner is an NSF listed and approved sanitizer
  • No need for separate procedures to clean, delime and remove milkstone from your machine and parts. Equipment properly cleaned and sanitized by Stera-Sheen will meet and exceed local and federal health agency standards
  • Water softeners and emulsifiers help ensure thorough cleaning and removal of any soil buildup
  • A powerful descaler designed to clean & protect. Noncorrosive solution: does not stain or damage metal, plastic, rubber, or glass and does not leave toxic residue

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Comet Cleanser – 21 oz (Pack of 2)


  • Product Type:Health_Personal_Care
  • Item Package Dimension:7.99 ” L X5.98 ” W X 2.99 ” H
  • Item Package Weight:2.6 lbs
  • Country Of Origin: United States

Comet 32987 Deodorizing Powder Cleanser, 21 Ounces (Case of 24)


  • Bleaches tough stains and deodorizes as it cleans
  • Contains chlorine bleach for powerful cleaning
  • Scours tough stains on toilet bowls, wall tiles, tubs, sinks and more
  • Gentle abrasives clean fiberglass tubs, imitation marble and more

Rocket Slingshot Flying Copters with LED Lights Glow The Dark Party Helicopters,12 Launchers + 12 LED Helicopters,Slingshot Copters Amazing Arrow Helicopter Glow Supplies for Kids (24 Pieces)


  • 【Perfect Design】Compact and Light – take it anyplace with only 7.7inches diameter of flying ring .Can be caught in the smallest of hands. Colourful slingshot helicopters – each has an LED light. The Slow Rotating – can go up to 100 – 160 feet into the sky,with included launchers. It comes down like a parachute or airplane ; it floats, spins, rotates and glides to the ground again after launching.
  • 【24 Piece LED Helicopters Toys】12 Piece Slingshot LED Helicopters + 12 Piece LED glowing Helicopters copters, It is made of high quality waterproof PVC plastic.It is could be used repeatedly, long use time. Launching like a Helicopter.Flies like a Helicopter!Due to the spinning action, the As Seen on TV Toy – Slingshot LED Helicopter Toy for Kids of All Ages creates a dazzling LED glow visible up to half a mile!
  • 【Wonderful Gift For Kids】This is a wonderful gift for your children! They can complete the installation of the light by themselves, DIY can improve their practical skills and intelligence.Brighten your night life while illuminating the night sky.The kids will hands all over to play and be a precious memory for the child’s childhood. Best toy of the year for all ages,even your youngest kids will love chasing after them. It will bring more fun to your family and children.
  • 【Safe & Easy to use】 Safe enough for children. Helicopters is a non-toxic, BPA free, risk-free toys, using the high quality PVC plastic. How to use: 👉The first – Attach the rubber band to the sling handle. 👉 The second – Fold the sling copter fins slightly turn on the LED light. 👉 The third – Pull back the sling copter when pulled back all the way twist back wrist. 👉 The fourth – Aim straight up and let go!
  • 【Application On All Occasions】Especially at Night.It looks great at night, as the wings on this LED toy glow and mesmerize. Not in the amusement park, you can have hours of fun with family in the your courtyard.Perfect for Traveling , outdoor recreation and many occasion.Suitable for school game between students, birthday parties, also give Birthday and Christmas gift to kids.Add more interesting to any night time.They create a stunning atmosphere,its flash brings lots of joy to all of us!

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