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Fender Brass Slide, Fat Large (FBS2)


  • Genuine Fender Slide
  • Made to Exacting Specifications
  • Full, Warm, Tone
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan, Province Of China

Dunlop 222 Brass Slide, Medium Wall Thickness, Medium


  • The 222 brass slide provides a warm, resonant tone thanks to its authoritatively hefty mass
  • Medium Wall Thickness and Medium Diameter
  • 19 x 22 x 60mm | Ring Size 9-10
  • Material: Brass
  • Made in USA

D’Addario Accessories Rich Robinson Brass Slide, by D’Addario (PWBS-RR)


  • Signature brass slide designed with Rich Robinson
  • Inside taper for comfort and extra control
  • Crisp, bright brass tone
  • One size only

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Jim Dunlop 224 Brass Slide, Heavy Wall Thickness, Medium


  • Brass
  • Heavy Wall
  • Medium Size
  • 22x29x60(mm)
  • Bright Resonant Tone

Guitar Slide, Set of 1 Glass Slide, 1 Steel Slide and 1 Brass Guitar Slide, Bonus 6 Pcs Guitar Picks, and 4 Finger Picks


  • Solid brass slide: Provide treble and more stable bass, for longer stretches and full tone.
  • 304 stainless steel guitar slide: Made of 304 stainless steel, provide great resonance, good intonation, and a clear bright sound.
  • Borosilicate glass guitar slide feature: Made from high quality boron silicate, heat treated and annealed for smooth performance, smooth, sturdy and durable. Accentuate the middle harmonics of your sound, and provide warm, silky bluesy slide sounds, suitable for slide guitar, acoustic guitar and bass.
  • Glass/ steel/ brass slides diameter (approx.): Inner: 0.82 inch /2.1cm; Outer: 0.99 inch/2.5cm; length (approx.): 2.36 inch/ 6 cm.
  • Convenient to carry: Come with a gift box, you can just choose the combination you need to carry. Package included: 1 glass guitar slide, 1 steel slide and 1 brass slide, 6 pcs cool guitar picks, 3 celluloid finger picks, 1 celluloid thumb pick and 1 gift box.

KAISH Guitar Knuckle Slide Guitar Brass Finger Slides with 30mm Length


  • Inner diameter for finger: 20mm
  • Made of durable brass with good quality, provides a warm, resonant tone
  • Inside taper for comfort and extra control
  • Crisp, bright brass tone
  • KAISH Brass Guitar Slide for acoustic and electric guitars

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Rock Slide Swamp Slide Tarnished Brass Medium


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    Dunlop 232 Harris Slide, Large


    • Country of Origin: UNITED STATES
    • Model Number: 34232000001
    • Item Weight: 1.0 lbs
    • musical instruments and parts and accessories

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    Dunlop 223 Brass Slide, Medium Wall Thickness, Medium Knuckle


    • Bright resonant tone and comfortable weight
    • Medium wall: 19mm inside diameter x 22mm outside diameter, fits ring size 9
    • Perfect for that vintage Delta sound
    • Knuckle size

    Dopro Guitar Knuckle Slide Guitar Brass Finger Slides with 60mm Length


    • Inner diameter for finger: 20mm
    • Made of durable brass with good quality, provides a warm, resonant tone
    • Inside taper for comfort and extra control
    • Crisp, bright brass tone
    • Dopro Brass Guitar Slide for acoustic and electric guitars

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