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MAXZONE Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump 12v 1100gph Auto with Float Switch (Blue – Automatic)


  • Flow Rate (GPH): 1100GPH; Volt: 12V; Current(A): 3.8A; Head(M): 3.0M
  • Wire Lead(M): 1m; Outlet Diameter: 29mm/ 1.14 Inch (1-1/8″); Width: Approx. 81mm
  • Built-in float switch! (No separate float switch is needed)
  • No power use until pump is activated by internal float switch (when water level rises)
  • Equipped with built in electronic controlled reed sensor system for easy fully automatic operation


Sanuke 1100gph Bilge Pump Electric 12V for Boat Submersible Marine Water Pump Accessories Marin Boat,Water Pump Low Noise


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    SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump Hose (24- Inch X 36- Inch)


    • Anti-leak design with a removable 36 inch
    • Large Ergonomic, easy grip, high impact handle
    • Self-priming pump
    • Reaches small, compact areas with ease
    • Plunger washer forces water up and thru the Outlet
    • Anti-Leak Design Removable Hose For Easy Storage Self-Priming Reach Small, Compact Areas With Ease Light Weight Corrosion Resistant
    • Large ergonomic, easy grip, high impact handle.
    • Tube cap. Caps the tube and forces the water out of the outlet and also supports the plunger shaft.
    • Plunger spacer keeps the shaft from coming up too far and damaging the plunger washer.
    • Plunger washer forces water up and thru the outlet.


    Rule 02, Bilge Pump, 1500 GPH, Non-Automatic, 12 Volt


    • Included Components: Rule 02 Higher Capacity Bilge Pump – 1500 Gph, 5678 Lph, 12V
    • Material Type: Canvas
    • Sport Type: Boating


    Dontmiss Automatic Submersible Small Boat Bilge Pump 12v 1100gph Auto with Float Switch bilge pump for boat(Outlet Diameter:1 1/8″) (1100GPH)


    • Automatic mode connection :Contect black wire to negative,Contect brown white wire to positive,,brown no wiring.Non-Automatic mode connection :Contect black wire to negative,Contect brown wire to positive,,brown white no wiring.
    • Wire Lead(M): 1m; Outlet Diameter: 29mm/ 0.95 Inch (1-1/8″); Width: Approx. 81mm
    • Built-in float switch! (No separate float switch is needed)
    • Equipped with built in electronic controlled reed sensor system for easy fully automatic operation
    • No power use until pump is activated by internal float switch (when water level rises)
    • Flow Rate (GPH): 1100GPH; Volt: 12V; Current(A): 3.8A; Head(M): 3.0M

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    ISURE MARINE 12V Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump Latest Styles 1200GPH Built-in Auto Float Switch (1200GPH)


    • ✔Specification: Flow Rate: 1200GPH; Voltage: 12V; Current: 3.5A; Head: 2.5M, Wire Lead: 1M, Outlet Dia: 28.5mm(1-1/8″), Dimension: 155*90*115mm
    • ✔Built-in float switch:Compact, automatic, fully submersible electric pump,Built-in float switch! (No separate float switch is needed)
    • ✔Long life motor :Water cooled motors for long life, with anti airlock design and moisture tight seals.Heavy duty motors with stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies.
    • ✔Durable: All (Auto) Bilge Pumps are built with compact, rust and corrosion protected stainless steel shaft, high-impact durable and thermoplastic ABS plastic housing.
    • ✔No power use until pump is activated by internal float switch (when water level rises).Pump turns on when water level rises & shuts off when water is removed. Snap-off strainer for easy cleaning


    Rule 10, Bilge Pump, 2000 GPH, Non-Automatic, 12 Volt


    • A genuine Rule product, don’t settle for anything less
    • More pumping capacity and more exclusive design features than any comparable competitive pump at a lower cost
    • 1-1/8 inch (28. 6 millimeter) hose barb discharge outlet
    • Compact, efficient, long-life motors, able to run dry for short periods
    • Silent and vibrationless operation, stainless steel shaft, completely submersible, rust and corrosion resistant
    • 3 Year Warranty


    Manual Bilge Pump for Boats Kayak Canoe Hand Water Pump | Hand Pumps Siphon Pump Bailer Kayaking Boat with Hose Portable Held 20 Gallons Per Minute Suction Marine Grade Regular


    • LONG HOSE FOR EASY WATER REMOVAL: A 39″ long hose lets you reach deep areas to discharge with ease. 1″ intake nozzle, 14″ chamber and 1.25″ diameter hose to remove water quickly. 115 cubic inches per pump or 1 gallon removal in 2 to 3 pumps.
    • NO CLOG FILTER & WATERTIGHT GASKET: A rubber seal creates a watertight seal that won’t leak allowing for maximum suction with the manual water pump. Features a filtered nozzle to prevent seaweed, leaves and debris from clogging the hand siphon pump.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE & IDEAL FOR EMERGENCIES: The hand pump is light and easy tostore, making it perfect for emergency use in small boats, kayaks, canoes or dinghy. Does not require power making it ideal as an emergency bailer or in kayaking.
    • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Our marine-grade bilge pump is specially designed to quickly remove water from hard to reach places season after season. We use premium materials not found in other lesser quality boat, RV, car and home products.
    • WHY BETTER BOAT: We are a family owned American business committed to making premium quality interior & exterior RV care and boat cleaning supplies. We stand behind your satisfaction and our hand water pump or hand held bilge pumps for boats.

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    Boat Bilge Water Pump 12 V 1100 GPH Electric Marine Bilge Pump and Automatic Boat Bilge Pump Float Switch 12 V 24 V 32 V for Boats, 2 Pieces in Total


    • What you will get: the package contains 1 piece of 12 V boat bilge water pump and 1 piece of automatic boat bilge pump float switch, nice combination for you to drain the water easily
    • Basic parameters: the flow of the pump is 1100 gallons per hour, the flow rate is 1100 GPH, the voltage is 12 V DC, and the head is 13 ft (4mts); Outlet diameter: 1-1/8 inch/ 29 mm, cable length: 3.3 ft/ 1 m; The float switch’s max amps 12 volts: 20 A; Max amps 24 volts: 10 A; Max Amps 32 volts: 8A; The wire length is 3.3 ft/ 1 m, the wire gauge size is 18 AWG
    • Electric bilge pump: the electric bilge pump is great for you to drain water efficiently, which has a good motor and help drain the water efficiently; It is a good forhydraulic systems fed with cold water and can be applied in line to be fed by gravity or pressure
    • Automatic boat bilge pump float switch: the float swith is automatic, it will turn the boat bilge pump on when water level reaches 2 inch (51 mm), and it will turn the pump off when water level reaches 0.7 inch (19 mm); It is good flow sensor for bilge pumps, and it features with a removable base for easy cleaning
    • Wide range of application: the boat bilge pump and automatic float switch can be applied for fishing boats, cruisers, runabouts, yachts and most marine, RV, etc.; And it can also be applied in aquarium, small swimming pool, fountain and other places that need drain the water

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